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In 1998 Members of the Café Posithiv, a self-help-association for people with HIV & AIDS from the berlin aids healthy, have been asked, if their are interested to make a radio transmission in the OKB (Open Channel Berlin).

So the Open Channel Berlin gave us and another gay and lesbian group a fixed transmission time per week.
At the 5th of April 1998 we started with one 60 minutes long radio-transmission per month with the name "Posit(h)iv Leben in Berlin", what means posit(h)ive life in Berlin
In our broadcast we introduced groups & projects which have to do with the theme HIV & AIDS.

1999 we had a 40 Minutes radio broadcast together with television broadcast live from the IFA , the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair in Berlin.

In July 2001 the name changed to "Prideradio", because from this time the radio-transmission is produced as a magazine and reports about different themes from the gay and lesbian community

  • voting of German Mr. Leather,
  • "Teddy Award" , the gay and lesbian filmprice at the Berlinale Berlin
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • the CSD (Berlin Pride)
  • the Gala "actors against Aids" in Berlin
  • Folsom Europe in Berlin
  • the cultural gay and lesbian scene in Berlin
  • political themes
  • the international fair of tourism in Berlin
  • special events like the Outgames, German Aids Congress, Pinkweek in Slovenia etc.

Prideradio introduces gay and lesbian groups, we bring a calender of a events, interviews with actors, singers like Jimmy Somerville etc.
HIV & Aids is also a part of Prideradio to inform the listeners about this latest news.

Since 2001 Prideradio is member of the "Que(e)re Medien" together with the radiogroup "radiorainbowcity" and the internetportal "".
Together we introduce our honorary groups at the gay an lesbian-street fair in Berlin.
In 2002 we have been involved in the stage program of this fair and since 2003 our media-co-operation has his own stage at this streetfair where we present actors, singers, bands, groups and projects of the gay and lesbian scene of Berlin.

The complete stage-program from the streetfair has been transmitted via Radio, Cable and livestream.

In February 2005 the OKB reduced the transmission time from two to one 60 minutes radio-transmissions per month. This has been an order from the OKB, because they ought to clear time for the uniradio (from the university). Of course all gay and lesbian radiogroups have not been happy with this decision.

Normally the broadcast of Prideradio is produced live in the studio of Alex-Berlin, the Open Channel Berlin and can be listened via UKW, cable and livestream.

Prideradio is a honorary project and is made since 2002 alone from Thomas.
You can listen to prideradio every 4th saturday of the month from 12 pm to 1pm (MEZ = GMT +1:00)

at UKW 91,0 Mhz in Berlin and part of  the country Brandenburg,  via Cable on 92,6 Mhz in Berlin
and worldwide via livestreaming under

facebook Here you can find information about the actually radio transmission (in german)
Mixcloud  Here you can find all the last broadcasts  (in german)
audioboom  Here you can find Interviews in full lenght from the ITB-Berlin etc.


 Interviews from the ITB 2017 you can hear in full lenght at audioboom:   ITB2017



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